Sweetbox Delivery is dedicated to providing quality baked goods, everyday of the week. We handle all of our deliveries in Spokane area and have partnered with distributors in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and feel free to call us anytime with more questions;  at (509) 821-8100!

  • What products do you have?

  • What days are available for delivery?

    • We delivery Mon-Sat and only deliver on Sunday's for emergency orders.

  • How soon will I get my order?

    • We require all orders be placed by noon 2 days before your desired delivery date and time.

  • I have a location in Spokane, how do I place my order?

    • Our App is available in the Android and Apple Store so you can place your order anytime, anywhere. In order to create a wholesale account though you will need the signup code from us. To request this code and get setup as a wholesale client, please click here. However, if you prefer to call, we are more than happy to take your order over the phone.

  • How do I know the order went through?

    • For every order you'll receive an email back that is a digital copy of the invoice for the order. This ensures that we got your order right and you know exactly what the cost is of your order

  • Where do you deliver to and is there a minimum amount I have to order?

    • There are no minimums for orders, we just charge a delivery fee to cover our cost of delivery

  • Does product come individually wrapped & labeled?

    • Most of the items do however, depending on what the product is you can change the packaging and receive a discount or additional charge on the checkout page of our App.

For all clients ordering outside the Spokane area, please click on the region you are in, listed below, to place your order!